Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy Thomas Kinkade paintings?

We do not buy paintings from collectors. However, we can offer to sell them on consignment. Please call or email us for additional information and what we need to set up a contract.

I lost my certificate of authenticity. Can it be replaced?

Generally speaking, certificates cannot be replaced. You can try contacting Art Brand Studios, the Thomas Kinkade publisher, but they will almost always tell you it cannot be replaced.

Do I need an appointment to come to the gallery?

Appointments are always appreciated. However, feel free to visit us at any time during our normal business hours.

Is there a fee to come to the gallery?

We are a retail art gallery. There is no fee to visit our store.

What is a Value Statement?

A value statement provides you (and your insurance company) with the current value of your limited edition art. We can prepare a value statement for your Kinkade, Keathley, Hunter and Finale art at this time. We will need to see your painting and the certificate of authenticity.

Hurricane Harvey Damage

Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Canvas Art

If your Thomas Kinkade limited edition painting was damaged during Hurricane Harvey you need to contact your insurance company. PTL Gallery can provide a value statement and in many cases help replace your damaged art. There are some restrictions, but if you have your Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity and provide some additional information to us, we are working with Thomas Kinkade Studios to help replace damaged art. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your options.